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    CIRICI & BASSÓ, Arquitectura, is a firm based in Barcelona, Spain, devoted to the wide field of design that goes from urban and architectural projects to the development of building components.

    The Studio, sitting in c/Pujades 63 at the heart of 22@ district, is a well lighted loft, acoustically isolated from the surroundings, equipped with the appropriate hardware and software to provide architectural products of high technical and formal quality.C&B, has been involved in a wide variety of projects, ranging from urban planning to building design with an emphasis on the quality of design and a wide architectural philosophy.

    C&B, has been responsible since the design of door handles, paving stones, or electrical fixtures, to the design of a water power electricity plant. From single family houses, to a commercial shopping centre, school and university buildings, bus station, industrial buildings, apartment blocks, and the rehabilitation of historical buildings, one of which is the symbolic and prestigious Barcelona Mies Pavilion, a gem of modern architecture.
    C&B, to complement their work, maintain a close team relationship with the prestigious structural engineering firm NB 35, and J.G & Associates, who handle technical installations and building infrastructure.
    C&B, strives to be professionally progressive in the widest sense of the word. They aren’t bound to any construction company, real estate developer, or financial institution. For this reason, the architectural and design process is realized with independence and neutrality.
    The co-founders and senior partners Cristian Cirici, 1941 and Carles Bassó, 1947, joined together in 2007 coming respectively from two prestigious architectural Firms Studio PER and Bassó-Gili, created among other architects, by themselves.

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