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    Kokaistudios is a firm founded in Venice in 2000 by Italian architects Filippo Gabbiani and Andrea Destefanis with the dream to create a collaborative office of young and talented architects associated in the research of clever design answers to the demands of tomorrow. Conceived at the beginning as a flexible and dynamic team, able to work efficiently worldwide, the firm started with offices in Venice, Copenhagen and Hong Kong developing a multicultural and multidisciplinary background able to power up today the unique vision of the firm. In 2002 Kokaistudios established permanently in Shanghai a team of 20 architects and interior designers committed with passion and incredible enthusiasm to the total design vision of the firm, developing a vast range scale of projects from dynamic architecture to restoration of heritage buildings, from innovative hospitality products to new tailor made commercial and mix use environments. In the past ten years Kokaistudios collected an impressive portfolio recognized by several international prestigious awards and established a deep cooperation with the most prestigious clientele worldwide. The future reserves us complex and exciting challenges to feed up the enthusiasm, and stimulate the clever attitude that always characterized Kokaistudios unique design approach.

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