TREND: the scope of service extends.

  • Locations

    Headquarter Trend Group
    TREND GROUP SPA nowhere is the juxtaposition of tradition and technology more apparent than at the Group’s world headquarters in the Villa alle Scallete, located in the historic centre of Vicenza in Italy. The seventeenth century façade of the villa has been painstakingly restored, while the interiors have been transformed by a galaxy of Trend’s most contemporary materials. Around every corner of the building is a fresh insight into the Group’s product collections, embracing Trend materials, technologies, artistic techniques and formats. This fusion of past and present is a living demonstration of the countless applications of Trend’s mosaic and agglomerates.
    Trend UK Ltd
    TREND UK is based in Tunbridge Wells, England, and is the focus of operations for the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as the hub of Granite Transformations franchises in those regions.Trend USA Ltd
    TREND U.S.A. serves the North American and Latin American markets, with corporate offices in Miramar, Florida. It boasts distribution centres in Miami and Los Angeles, as well as the agglomerate manufacturing facility in Sebring.Trend Australasia Pty Ltd
    TREND AUSTRALASIA has its headquarters in New South Wales, which serves as central support for the Group’s operations in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. It also distributes product to the Granite Transformations franchise network in those markets.

Production sites

Following the recent installation of new automated equipment, the agglomerate production site at Sebring is currently preparing to double its production capacity. This has enabled the entire production of agglomerate to be transferred to Florida.

With the Italian Trend Vivaro plant now responsible for the manufacture of its main range of glass mosaics. At this site, which houses a laboratory for research into mosaic art, around 1 million square metres of mosaic tiles are produced annually...

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