Find the answers you’re looking for in our FAQ’s about Trend agglomerates.

  • FAQ install agglomerate

    Q: Can I install Trend Q on wood, plywood, metal or drywall?
    A: Yes, but you must select the proper adhesive. For most of these substrates you should use polyurethane adhesive.

    Q: Can I install Trend Q on an existing floor?
    A: Yes, by following these few easy steps:
    a) Check that the existing floor is well anchored to the substrate. If it is not, then you should remove it.
    b) Clean the surface with a degreaser and then use an abrasive to roughen it, so it can hold the adhesive better.
    c) Level the surface using a proper leveling material (MAPEI OR LATICRETE, for instance). Do not exceed 1/5” (5mm). 
    Proceed with the installation of Trend Q. 

    Q: When installing Trend Q, what kind of substrate do we need?
    A: The substrate must be clean, dry, free of dust and perfectly leveled. 

    Q: Is it possible to install Trend Q on a curved surface?
    A: Totally, but you need a minimum curving radius of 27 ½” (70 cm).

    Q: Can I insert a mosaic decoration in a TREND Q Floor?
    A: Absolutely. You can either use adhesive to fill up the difference in thickness between the mosaic and Trend Q or we recommend installing the mosaic on a backer board (fiberglass) to make it the same thickness as Trend Q. 

    Q: If I install Trend Q on a vertical surface, do I run the risk of future delamination?
    A: You should run no risk if the installation is done properly. 

    Q: Can there be a difference in shade between the sample I have seen in your Trend Q binder and the actual production?
    A: The dominant tone will be the same, but each individual production batch may have some variation. To avoid problems you may ask for a sample of the current lot.

    Q: If I order the same color of TREND Q several months apart, will I receive the same shades?
    A: if the lot produced for your first order is still available, then you will receive the same lot without shade variation. If that lot is no longer available, there may be a difference in shade.

    Q: How can I cut into a piece of TREND Q?
    A: Trend Q can be cut using a continuous diamond blade, possibly a water fed saw. 

    Q: Can I perform water jet cuts with TREND Q?
    A: Absolutely and easily. Water Jet cutting allows you to be creative with your Trend Q.

    Q: Can I re-polish my Trend Q after the installation?
    A: Technically you could, but you will need to be very attentive since the thickness of the material is only ¼”. Be sure to first calibrate the force of the polishing head properly. 

    Q: Does Trend Q pass the ASTM TEST for slip resistance?
    A: Yes. Our surface is comparable to other ceramic, marble and granite surfaces.

    Q: Can the color of Trend Q change with time?
    A: It’s possible that there might be some tone variation, just as with natural stones. On an exterior application our advice is to use a dark color. With time the resin could slowly become yellow, but a dark glass based color will keep you from seeing this variation.

    Q: Is Trend Q absorbent?
    A: Overall our engineered stones (TREND Q) are considered non-absorbent under the current European or American regulations.

    Q: Is Trend Q stain resistant?
    A: Yes, absolutely. But be aware that stain resistant does not mean stain proof. You should always clean a stain as quickly as possible to limit possible problems in the future.

    Q: What should I use for daily maintenance?
    A: You can use any kind of detergent available in the market. A neutral PH works perfectly.

    Q: How can I remove hard water stains from Trend Q?
    A: You can use either a solution of water and HCI (3%), or denatured alcohol.

  • FAQ cleaning agglomerate

    Q: How do I remove grout residue from TREND Q?
    A: There are several products available in the market today. One excellent product is Cement Away.

    Q: What kind of Adhesive do you recommend for TREND Q?
    A: Trend recommends the use of MAPEI GRANIRAPID or LATICRETE 4237+211 Latex. Always talk to the adhesive manufacturer; you will want someone who can warranty your installation.

    Q: What kind of grout should I use with TREND Q?
    A: The choice of grout will depend on the kind of installation you are performing. Trend recommends the use of an unsanded cement-based grout (un-sanded because you may want to install TREND Q with a very narrow grout line) for regular installations, or the use of an epoxy-based grout if you are looking for superior mechanical or chemical resistance. 

    Q: How long will my TREND Q floor last?
    A: Theoretically, TREND Q has an unlimited life span. Depending on the heaviness of use, your floor will look fantastic even after 30 years if well maintained and cared for.

    Q: Can I scratch the floor just by walking on it?
    A: Because TREND Q is scratch resistant, TREND Q is perfect for high traffic flooring.

    Q: Is the abrasion resistance only superficial?
    A: Because it is a homogeneous product, TREND Q is resistant to abrasion not only on its surface but even deeper.

    Q: How should I handle TREND Q before the installation?
    A: Always store your TREND Q in a controlled indoor environment. If it will be an indoor installation and the temperature is between 65 and 90 degrees F, move the material into the area where the installation will occur 24 hours before the installation. Always keep TREND Q flat, since it is a flexible material.

    Q: My TREND Q is warped; what should I do?
    A: Position your TREND Q on a flat clean surface with a piece of cardboard underneath. Stack at least 20 tiles, face against face, then back against back. Place some weights on the tiles. Leave the material to rest for at least 24 hours. Check the tiles again before starting with the installation.

    D: Can I use TREND Q as a countertop surface?
    A: Yes you can.

    Q: Can I install TREND Q vertically?
    A: Yes you can.

    Q: If I use TREND Q in an exterior application in a frigid climate, what can happen?
    A: TREND Q is frost resistant, so it can be used without any problem.

    Q: Is TREND Q thermal shock resistant?
    A: Yes, your TREND Q is thermal shock resistant.

    Q: Is TREND Q resistant to chemicals?
    A: Yes, TREND Q can resist the chemicals present in the majority of detergents available in the market.

    Q: Is TREND Q resistant to cigarette burns?
    A: Yes, TREND Q is resistant to cigarette burns, based on European and American requirements.

    Q: Is TREND Q flammable?
    A: TREND Q will not allow a flame to propagate. so based on ASTM E84 it is considered CLASS A.

Install agglomerate

We recommend installing the material in rooms which have been kept at a constant temperature between 50 and 80 degrees F for at least 12 hours. The adhesive must also be kept at the temperature recommended by the manufacturer for at least a few days prior to use.

Suggested adhesives:
· Mapei Granirapid – cement fast – bi-component;
· Laticrete 4237rapid+211 (latex) – cement fast – bi-component.
Please check with your local dealer in order to get the name of the correct adhesive.

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