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    Headquarter Trend Group
    Nowhere is the juxtaposition of tradition and technology more apparent than at Trend Group’s world headquarters in the Villa alle Scalette, perched atop the heart of Vicenza, Italy.  Beginning in 2005, the seventeenth century façade of the Villa was painstakingly restored while the interiors were transformed by the galaxy of Trend’s most contemporary materials.  Around every corner is a new insight into the world of the Group’s collections, materials, technologies, artistic techniques and formats. This fusion of past and present is a living demonstration of the infinite applications of Trend’s creative capabilities.Trend USA LtdTrend USA serves the North American and Latin American markets with corporate offices in Miramar, Florida, Distribution Centers in Sebring (FL) and Riverside (CA), and the engineered agglomerate manufacturing facility called E-Stone in Sebring.Trend Australasia Pty LtdThe Trend Australasia headquarters in New South Wales serves as central support for the Group’s base in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, distributes Trend product to the Granite Transformations franchise network in those markets, and promotes expansion throughout the region.Trend UK LtdTrend Europe is based in Tunbridge Wells, England, and is the focus of operations for the United Kingdom and Ireland, the Granite Transformations franchisees in those markets, and is spearheading development on the continent.

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Trend’s commitment to environmental protection is a way of life, not a business strategy. From the beginning we acted according to the principle that style and

beauty did not need to be sacrificed in the pursuit of corporate responsibility.  Click here for more details about Trend’s decision to walk with the world.

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