TREND: putting technology into action. Turning Technology Into Art.

  • Production sites

    Sebring, FloridaSebring, Florida. Now the worldwide source of Trend’s agglomerate surfaces, this state-of-the-art facility currently produces 800,000 square meters annually. New equipment already installed and tested will more than double this capacity.Vivaro, ItalyVivaro, Italy.  With agglomerate production moved to Florida, Trend’s plant in Vivaro now focuses on the manufacture of the company’s specialty glass mosaic lines, including the exclusive gold leaf Aureo collection. This facility creates more than 6000 square meters of mosaic per month.Venezia, ItalyVenezia, Italy.  The charming Orsoni glass foundry in Venice still manufactures mosaic in the centuries-old manner.  Trend utilizes this facility for the specialty products that artisan customers request, including the traditional gold leaf Aureo and our hand-cut smalti.Kadi IndiaKadi, India.  The operations of Pino Bisazza Stone and Gemstone are the source of Trend’s extensive and diverse collections of glass mosaic and decorative glass.

  • Assembly sites

    Turning the tons of individual glass mosaic tiles produced in our Indian facilities into carefully calibrated uniform sheets and exquisitely detailed designs is both art and science. The Trend locations that specialize in this function are located in:
    Sydney (Australia), Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Sebring (Florida).

  • Commercial offices

    Trend has established full-service commercial offices strategically positioned to meet the needs of significant customer bases.  In addition to the headquarters in Italy, The United States, Australia, England and Brazil, these offices include:
    Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Hong Kong (China), Sao Paulo (Brazil).
    Trend’s latest headquarters opening, the Sao Paulo offices of TREND VENEZIA are positioned to spearhead the expansion of Trend’s businesses into the burgeoning South American market.


Everything depends on superior product.  To create our unique collections, Trend’s manufacturing and assembly facilities around the

world combine centuries-old artisan craftsmanship with the most advanced technologies of the 21st Century. Click here to read more.

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