A New Collection of Luxury Glass Tiles

A New Collection of Luxury Glass Tiles

Trend Group is paving the way in the design world with its new collection of glass tiles, offering a wide selection of mosaics in different shapes, colors, and finishes. TREND Group is known for preserving ancient mosaic traditions and techniques while also implementing new technology to reach the stars when it comes to mosaic decor. As the strive continues to provide trendy and timeless mosaic compositions for clients across the globe, innovation is born and a new collection created.

INFINITE is a collection of tesserae with an emphasis on curved mosaic designs. With inspiration from both natural and man-made elements, these glass tiles offer the perfect canvas for public areas and luxury interior design. The collection is made from a drive to create new materials that transcend the basic square tile format and instead create new designs using both lines and curvature. With this new approach to mosaic decor was born the collection name - INFINITE - because just like the name suggests, this collection manifests the limitless possibilities and versatility of our TREND Karma glass.

Chain 1 Ambient V2

Drawing creativity from everyday elements such as chain links, flowers, or even just leaves has helped morph glass into new and interesting outlines. But shape is not the only interesting aspect of this new collection - color also plays a key role in adding character and depth to the glass mosaic. Unlike other Karma glass tile product lines, INFINITE uses various colors for an intertwined and continuous effect. Every shape comes in 3 different color variations. Within each pattern you will find various different shades including: gold, greys, blacks, whites, beiges, blues, browns, reds, and even pink and peach tones. The use of more than one shade gives stimulating color contrasts that are appealing to any eye.


Artistic Mosaics for Public Spaces

These glass tiles are fused, colored and transparent drawn glass. Each particular shape is achieved through water-jet techniques producing the 7 new modules now available: Chain, Drops, Flowers, Leaves, Ornaments, Scales, and Verses. The INFINITE product line is made with 25% quality materials, pre-consumer recycled glass and 75% post-consumer recycled glass. Each module is carefully and uniquely crafted. Every pattern has its unique shape and dimensions but the application remains the same for all. Like most mosaics the application consists of several tiles attached to a fiberglass sheet which is then directly applied to the desired area.

Because of its ease of installation, any INFINITE pattern can take a few days to install depending on the size of the project. The tile sheet application and the ease of maintenance of mosaic tiles makes it suitable for public interior spaces such as lobbies, waiting rooms, spas, wellness and recreation areas and retail spaces where low maintenance is required. The versatility and durability of glass makes it a perfect material for common areas and high traffic places including: airports, schools, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Ornaments 3 Ambient V3

Bold and Trending Geometric Designs

INFINITE glass tiles are geometric stylized designs that create a hypnotic effect through its overlapping and curved applications. These Karma glass patterns give a sense of endlessness and boundlessness to any interior space. Geometric designs are becoming increasingly popular as designers are focusing on adding depth and character to their styles. The colors of Karma glass are very rich and intense which give these glass tiles a type of profoundness. Designers who are looking for new ways to highlight color and contours will benefit from any of the 7 new modules found INFINITE.