Wellness at Audi

Going the extra mile to keep customers satisfied

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A luxury car showroom is not the first place you would expect to find a beauty spa. But when Poole Audi teamed up with Schön Beauty & Relaxation they created the perfect opportunity for customers to chill out and enjoy a complimentary treatment whilst waiting for their car to be repaired.

Part of the showroom had been converted into private treatment rooms that would allow customers to briefly escape every day into a world of peace and tranquillity, reflecting Audi’s values of luxurious comfort and understated style. To achieve this, the client invited TREND Group to add a touch of luxury to the space and create a calmer and more relaxing environment.

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The first requirement was to upgrade the existing worktops and surfaces in the reception area which we replaced with pristine white quartz overlays, creating a clean and calm environment. Matching furniture and soft grey walls added to the air of relaxation. The same colour scheme was carried through to the shower area with grey and silver mosaic tiles.

For the treatment rooms, we wanted to create a warmer, more intimate ambience. Our research confirmed that the best colours to achieve this were gentle pinks, ambers and browns and these were used on the walls to create a feeling of luxurious warmth and security and were complimented with dark furniture and natural wood flooring.

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Photos: Ian Pickering

We also wanted to create a unique feature that would stand out as a talking point. For one of the treatment rooms, we designed a full wall mosaic depicting a close-up of a woman’s eye. This was created entirely in 1x1cm mosaic tiles, accentuating the colour theme of pinks, ambers and browns and demonstrating the artistic versatility possible with modern mosaic design.

The whole project was completed and ready for use in just two and a half days, so downtime was kept to a minimum. We have to congratulate Poole Audi and Schön Beauty & Relaxation for their vision in creating this unique experience for their customers and are proud to have played a part. We can only conclude that luxury, whether on four wheels or within four walls, knows no bounds.

In fact, they were so pleased with the whole experience and outstanding quality of TREND’s products, that Schon Beauty & Relaxation at Poole Audi are now planning to give their utility room a facelift too.