Care and maintenance of mosaic projects is very simple. Here is a summary of our recommendations.

After a professional installation, your glass mosaic will look absolutely stunning. With its inherent ability to reflect light and color around your house or your commercial environment, it is unmatched by any other material.

Better yet, Glass Mosaic is basically maintenance-free.

Many products are marketed as “professional mosaic cleaners” but our experience is that the use of a generic glass-cleaning product like “ Windex” is more than enough to keep your glass beautiful forever.  If the surface occasionally needs degreasing, use a product like Cillit Bang (or something similar recommended by your local adhesive supplier).

Speak with your professional installer about the cleaning of the grout joints. Depending on the type of grout adhesive it is  recommend the use appropriate professional grade product. The most important point is that immediately after installation, the mosaic should already look clean and show absolutely no residue of grout.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE INSTRUCTIONS WRITTEN ON THE BOX OF THE GROUTING MATERIAL YOU HAVE PURCHASED.  There is a timeline you must follow. If you wait too long to clean the grout it can be a lengthy and difficult process.  Simply pay attention and clean off all excess grout after you have spread it.

If you have used a cement-based grout, you may want to seal the joint to avoid any change in color and to minimize absorption. Sealers are sticky, and if the sealer is not applied properly, it may leave a film, some discoloration or an undesirable texture on the surface of your glass mosaic. A sealer for the grout joints should be applied ONLY on the grout joints.

In commercial applications, or in kitchens, bathrooms, wet areas or swimming pools, TREND recommends using an epoxy grout in order to minimize the cleaning.

Today there are new-generation latex modified grouts that are not epoxy but feature the positive characteristics of epoxy. Remember that you selected a superior-grade mosaic; try to buy a high-grade adhesive and grout to complete the installation.

Epoxy does not allow absorption and it increases protection for the substrate. In addition, it requires little maintenance; you may clean it with the same product you use to clean your glass mosaic.