Luxury Redefined at Tawila Island

Luxury Redefined at Tawila Island

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The Tawila Island Resort is a 5-Star exclusive water-front resort nestled along the Red Sea coast. Just 36.5km from Hurghada and a 90-minute boat ride from Gouna, it’s a world away from the everyday providing guests with a one-of-a-kind experience.

Known as ‘Egypt’s Maldives’, Tawila Island consists of 16 beach and 14 over-water bungalows designed by renowned architect Joe Tabet (JT & Partners) with meticulous interiors by Kristina Zanic.

Spacious, stylish and tranquil, the resort aims to put guests at the heart of the island’s natural environment of coral reefs, mangroves and rock formations – an oasis of calm and simple luxury.

Surrounded by soft, white sands and crystal-clear waters, the emphasis is very much on relaxation and taking things at your own pace. For those seeking adventure, water activities include snorkelling, diving and windsurfing or simply chilling by the pool. And of course, there’s a fully equipped Fitness Centre to help you maintain your routine as well as Wellness Centre with a massage and beauty salon on site.

The bar and restaurant offer dining and refreshments of the highest standard day and. Night with an emphasis on fresh seafood and the finest international cuisine.

As you would expect, the accommodation reflects the relaxed ambience, with the emphasis on simple luxury and minimalistic interiors reflecting the natural surroundings – soft colours and light, airy rooms.

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Mosaics made for pools

But the appeal of mosaics for swimming pools is not just about aesthetics. Glass tiles are inherently non-porous and their waterproof qualities second to none, making them ideal for wet and submerged area. By completely preventing the ingress of water, mosaics can help to protect outdoor pools from freeze/thaw damage during winter months. When it comes to durability, they’re also hard to beat. Resistant to pool chemicals such as chlorine they will maintain their vibrancy and colour for years to come. High UV-resistance means they can equally withstand continuous exposure to sunlight without danger of fading or losing any depth of colour. 

Beautiful and practical

Being glass, mosaics are also smooth to the touch and pleasant to walk on in bare feet – textured finishes can also help to improve grip and prevent them becoming slippery when wet.

Finally and no less importantly, mosaic tiles are highly practical. Easy to maintain, a regular cleaning programme will help them shrug off mould, mildew and stains, keeping them safe and hygienic for users. Even should it come to repairs, individual tiles or areas can be replaced piece by piece, saving major costs and upheaval.

Magical and mysterious, practical and luxurious, versatile and limitless, glass mosaics are the ultimate material of choice for swimming pools the world over. Dive in and see where your creativity takes you.