Orsoni Shines at Homo Faber 2022

Orsoni Venezia 1888 Brings Mosaic Art to Homo Faber 2022

Orsoni is delighted to have brought mosaic art to Homo Faber 2022, the premier international event dedicated to celebrating contemporary craftsmanship promoted by the Michelangelo Foundation in Venice from 10 April to 1 May 2022. The event explored the unique heritage of Italian, European and Japanese craftsmanship through 15 immersive exhibitions, 400+ unique works crafted by over 350 designers and artisans from over 30 countries, highlighting the role of craftsmanship in creating a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Among the many impressive exhibitions in Fondazione Giorgio Cini, "Pattern of Crafts" curated by German designer Sebastian Herkner invited 17 master artisans to reinterpret the lace-like octagonal pattern of the pavement in front of the Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore using different techniques and materials – from marble, glass, metal, textiles, tin or wood.

© Michelangelo Foundation / Homo Faber

For the exhibit, Orsoni’s exceptional master mosaicist Antonella Gallenda created a hypnotic artistic mosaic panel featuring a subtle shading of black/dark blue to gray/white Venetian smalti and golds with a degrading effect. The masterpiece is a testament to Orsoni's artistic and artisan excellence while recalling the Furnace’s ancient, profound ties with La Serenissima. The dazzling artworks are proof of how the expertise of artisans can serve as inspiration for contemporary designers to create unique pieces for interior decoration.

© Michelangelo Foundation / Homo Faber

During this edition of Homo Faber Event, as part of the In Città initiative, visitors also had the chance to enter Venice’s workshops and ateliers to observe artisans demonstrate their skills and experiment with century-old crafts first hand.

Guests visiting Orsoni have had the chance to discover the magic behind the creation of its unique materials by witnessing and becoming protagonists of various phases of the manufacturing process: from color sampling and hand blowing the “sbruffo” glass used to manufacture gold mosaic, to crafting and hand cutting the gold and Venetian smalti plates into tesserae. Participants also enjoyed a demonstration of artistic and micromosaic making, exploring the different techniques used to create stunning mosaic artworks and decorations.

Thank you to everyone who visited us and we look forward to sharing our passion again during the next edition of Homo Faber.