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Hex 152

Hexagonal mosaics can be installed on the floor or vertically on interior and exterior surfaces. It is suitable for wet areas such as shower trays or swimming pools. Due to the size of the tesserae and the frequency of joints, the mosaic surface is inherently slip-resistant. The waterproof characteristics of this mosaic do not preclude waterproofing of the foundation substrate for swimming pools and similar applications.


Semi-transparent or opaque molten glass mosaic colors, produced by pouring molten glass through two molds
and shaping them into hexagons as they cool.


35 x 30 mm | 1 3/16" x 1 3/8"

Hexagonal Modular Size

Module Size:
28,4 x 29,6 cm | 11 3/16“ x 11 21/32”


  • Material: Glass
  • Texture: Opaque
  • Thickness: ~ 5 mm | 3/16"
  • Joint: ~ 2 mm | 5/64"
  • Weaving, flared and chamfered tesserae are available in sheets of 32,6 x 35 cm | 1’ 27/32“ x 1’ 25/32”