The Sky Over Nine Columns_Venice_Italy
The Sky Over Nine Columns
The Sky Over Nine Columns

Symmetry 2

Symmetry is the equality in the number of parts, the likeness in forms and sizes. It is a decoration in which the proportions are impeccable, in which a line merges with another to create an entire universe of hexagons that reflect charisma and personality. Such harmony is indeed what creates beauty and Immense™ Symmetry is an expression of elegance, in which the classic design and lines inspired by nature coexist perfectly.


Fused, colored and transparent drawn glass mosaic, obtained with the craftsmanship working of a glass slab with the application of a silver foil back side, cut by hand. Composed with 25% quality materials, pre-consumer recycled glass and 75% post-consumer recycled glass.


Modular Size:
32,1 x 24,8 cm | 12 5/8" x 9 3/4"


  • Material: Glass
  • Texture: Hand-cut, Metallic, Mirrored, Iridescent