From Fast Tracks to Luxury Baths

TREND takes style and performance to the next level

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At first glance, the heady world of F1 motor racing may seem a long way from the peace and quiet of a domestic bathroom, but for TREND at least, the two are a lot closer linked than you might think.

Fast cars and a luxury lifestyle go hand in hand. When travelling the world and staying in five-star hotels becomes the norm, you can’t help but soak up the surroundings and high-end design you’re exposed to. So, when a world-famous racing driver (and knight of the realm) approached us to decorate the bathroom in his London home we were naturally honoured, but not completely surprised.

As you might expect, this was no ordinary home – and no run-of-the-mill bathroom. The house was a 5-storey building in the centre of London packed to the gills with hi-tech systems and computerised gadgets, including an electric toilet seat and a one-off carbon-fibre lift designed and made by the Williams F1 team. We knew that nothing but the highest levels of performance and an impeccable finish would be acceptable.

The refurb project centred around a flow-through bathroom and dressing area surrounding a central panelled-in spiral staircase and required hardwearing, water-resistant, low-maintenance finishes that would complement the unusual layout and live up to the high design values of the rest of the house. A combination of TREND etherium® By E-Stone and mosaics were the natural choice.

Polar Ice was used in sheets and large tile formats for the flooring throughout as well as the bath panels and shower, complete with its integrated seat. The design was further extended to the exterior with sheets of Sabbia D’Oro being used for an adjoining window balcony and an upstairs roof terrace. This was not without complication as the sheets were too large to fit into the lift and had to be winched up outside the building.

TREND Vitreo 160 2cm.sq. semi-transparent White glass mosaic tiles were chosen for the flat walls and shower flooring, the textured surface and frequent grout lines providing extra slip resistance. The design also features a slim, silver accent line running around the room at window height made up from four runs of Aureo 026 1cm. sq. White Gold mosaics.

The silver accent is continued further with TREND’s distinctive Liberty Diamond mosaics gracing the rear of the shower enclosure and the curved wall surrounding the central staircase. With its irregular hand-cut shapes and contrasting textures, it adds a final touch of luxury that shimmers with diamond-like brilliance.

The installation was declared a resounding success by the owner, meeting the highest standards of both workmanship and finish without compromise. Values that we at TREND also pride ourselves upon.

There remains one further link with motor racing and TREND that will forever entwine the two. The Florida plant where we produce TREND’s etherium® By E-Stone slabs is next door to Sebring International Raceway – a track where our client achieved one of his most celebrated career wins. Coincidence or fate? Either way, to honour his memory, we created a unique mosaic wall panel on-site. We like to think of it as a win-win for our client as well as our reputation.